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In the hands ITC packers and movers, shifting becomes quite safe and speedy. We are capable of providing the service in a timely and secure manner due to their superior tools and knowledge. As a result, once you've engaged yourself in their service, you can relax.

So if you are live in Ledo Assam and looking for best packers and movers then no need to Google anymore because we are active in this area and providing Hansel free moving services.

 ITC Packers and Movers is the brand and local packers and movers company having long list of satisfied customers. We offer active services in this region. From packing to unloading, we have the most efficient distributors in the Ledo region of Assam.

But, not only in Ledo Region, our distributors are widely spread all across the 33 districts of Assam. Along with that, we also provide warehouse services in Guwahati. So, regardless of the area, you can be benefited from the services of ITC Packers and Movers. However, we are most effective in Ledo, Assam. 

Having queries related to availability, pricing, and services, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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Why ITC Packers and Movers?

  1. Honest and Trustworthy 

Honesty and reliability are two important cornerstones for our business to prosper in its field. Because our packers are well-trained with over 15 years of experience in this field. Also, we use quality packing materials; the packing is done with honesty keeping the safety domain in mind during the travel. We provide dependable relocation services.

Issue Written Invoice

The greatest packers and movers believe in dealing with their consumers in an open and honest manner, so do we. The most important thing we include in our services is written documentation because the invoice of services is the most crucial document for both the firm and the customer's future communications.

We also send a soft copy in the registered email for future references along with the written invoice. 


We have an easy insurance claim system, the best coverage schemes, and sufficient documentation to prevent your loss in the future because it is always a sensible idea to stay prepared. We value the emotions linked to our client’s personal items; hence we provide insurance coverage to protect our customers' interests. 


We have skilled packers, movers, drivers, dispatchers, and supervisors all needed to provide a reputable service from packing all of your belongings correctly, organizing them properly,  putting them onto the vehicle for unloading to unpacking at your new location we have all covered. 

Range of services

We provide a multitude range of services in Assam. We safely pack and transport your goods, such as furniture, baggage, artifacts, and furnishings. We can be your one-stop shop for relocation solutions streamlining your entire moving process.

Advanced Tools

Ours as well as yours both our time is critical. Hence, we never prefer to squander time because it will cost both of us money. We employ the most advanced tools and technology to save time and speed up the packaging process. 

You may now confidently hire us for your relocation. We assure you of maximum safety and care during relocation. Our distribution network has grown as a result of our timely services all across Assam but concentratedly at Ledo, Assam. 


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