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Digboi as an oil town

It is said that the town gets its name from the phrase "dig-boy-dig," which is what the English and Canadian miners told the labourers as they dug for crude oil. It is said that Canadians first noticed oil on the feet of elephants. That's how oil was discovered here. The town's history begins in 1867 when a small group of men from the Assam Railway and Trading Co. found their elephants' legs soaked in black mud, that smelled somewhat like oil. The men began exploring more, and in 1889, the English started a small oil installation. India (and Asia) obtained its first refinery in Digboi in the year 1901. Assam Oil Company was formed in 1899 to look after the running of the oil business in this area. The Digboi oil field produced close to 7,000 barrels per day (1,100 m3/d) of crude oil at its peak, which was during World War II. The field was pushed to produce the maximum amount of oil with little regard to reservoir management; as a result, production started to drop almost immediately after the war. The current production from the Digboi fields is about 240 barrels per day (38 m3/d). Over 1,000 wells have been drilled at Digboi – the first well in 1889 had stuck oil at 178 feet (54 m). In 1989, the Department of Posts, India came out with a stamp commemorating 100 years of the Digboi fields.

Tips for choosing Best Packers and Movers:

  • Selecting Packers and Movers is a need to be careful. More Over professional packers and movers will provide Packing, Moving and Unloading the goods.
  • Differentiate the packers and movers are to be Genuine or Fake.
  • Reference of an experienced person or visit the organization directly to know about standards of the company
  • Get a reference from friends or the Internet.
  • List out the packers and movers with quotes and select any one.
  • Analysis of the company has served with successful customers.
  • Quality of staff should be professional.
  • Check with the company whether they provide insurance cover.

Be the right choice of choosing the Packers and movers. Hope it may be useful before selecting them.

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Planning to move into a new home or apartment?

In the midst of all the things that you need to take care of before moving, your choice of packers and movers is also extremely crucial. If you are moving within the city, a local reliable service provider will work; but if it’s an inter-city move, then, everything literally boils down to how good your packers and movers are.

Below, we’ve listed out a few tips to help you choose the best movers and packers. After all, you are going to be trusting them with every single thing that goes into making your home beautiful.

 House or office moving service :

 You should consider the following things before choosing a packers and movers company.

  • You should check whether they are fully licensed and insured.
  • Check whether they have an online presence? If yes, read reviews about them.
  • Check whether they are providing you with a free estimate about your move.
  • And Check whether they have good resources like trucks, loading and unloading types of equipment to move your goods.

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