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 Home shifting is nothing short of a headache. It is not easy to pick up a settled life and start anew in a new place, especially for those who live in rented houses. In such a situation, you can make the shifting of the house easy by keeping a few things in mind.

While packing, first make an emergency survival kit. Keep a set of keys to the new house, scissors, sellotape, some ropes. first aid kit etc,Pack a box named 'First Box', in which you should keep a pair of clothes, towels, pajamas, sheets, makeup essentials, tea-bags etc.

Pack all the things in separate boxes and write the name and the room in which to keep them on them, so that it is easy to find.

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You can hire professional movers for packing or you can do it yourself.

While packing, first of all make a list of kitchen items and pack, because it takes maximum time to pack small kitchen items.

Packing work is very tiring, so you can take help of your friends and relatives.

Pack electronic items like computers, laptops well. Be sure to back up the data before packing.

If you are taking plants with you, then keep in mind that along with the plants, insects and insects should not shift to the new house, so spray the medicine and carry it.

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Unpacking and Packing Services 

Do not fall into the trap of giving the best look to the house on the very first day. Adjust things slowly.

To unpack the goods, do not sit with all the boxes open at once. This will make you tired and the work will not be completed soon.

– Do not unpack and collect the cartons and cartons, but keep them folded or sold in the store room.

Make a hard copy as well as a soft copy of the important papers of the house and save it, so that there is no problem if the hard copy is damaged.

Meet your new neighbors and socialize with them through tea-coffee, because they will help you from time to time.

If you have taken home in any society or complex, then definitely invite the committee members there for tea at home.

Decorate the house little by little every day, do not fall into the trap of doing everything in one day, otherwise there will be unnecessary stress.

Make settlement a happy process and live life freely.

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