10% Discount on each Service Booking

With such overwhelming love from our customers, we thought it’s high time that we give our valuable customers something in return.

After long discussions, agreements and disagreements on what our precious customers deserve, our panel finally came to a conclusion and decided on giving a 10% discount on all of our services at ITC Packers and Movers.

ITC Packers & Movers is one of the most reputable moving companies in Guwahati and India. Our reputation is something we have earned over the years, with our excellent and reliable services.

If you’re concerned that a discount would mean deterioration in our quality of service and by extension the safety of your belongings, FIKAR NOT! 

We at ITC Packers and Movers won’t let that happen. Quality and Reliability has always been our motto and what sets us apart from the rest. And we aren’t willing to give up our reputation for the sake of a discount.

This discount is a gratuitous gesture to our valuable customers for the festive season. It is just to tell our valuable customers and future customers how much they mean to us. A small token of gratitude to all from our end.

But we assure you, you will receive the same quality of services without any hindrance in security, transportation and other facilities necessary for offering the finest services.


So, if you are from Guwahati and you are looking for moving services like ours, packing and moving of goods, essentials, etc. This is a once in a blue moon offer where you will get the same high-quality services but at a discounted rate.

So, why wait? We are all set to offer you the best assistance while moving or shifting. 

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