Packing and moving services is an everlasting service, whose beginning is unknown because it prevailed with human civilization throughout its existence.

Earlier it was done using animals or lower caste men(slaves) but now it is done with highly mechanised equipment and skilled workers who profess it. But other than that nothing has changed. Its requirements and usefulness are still the same, whereas it has increased with time.

With the rise in the demand and competition for packers and movers, there have evolved many ‘fake’ packers and movers in today’s packing and moving sector. The main purpose of such deceptive service providers is to defraud, deceive, and plunder unsuspecting customers. Regrettably, they achieve their goal far more frequently than they should. Customers are frequently unsure of how to distinguish between genuine and impostor packers and movers.

Harassments by Fake Packers and Movers

It’s hard to believe that the number of people who fall prey to deceptive businesses includes highly educated and professional individuals. This demonstrates that such con artists are extremely cunning and employ cutting-edge technology to deceive lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT professionals, and others. Using such clever and sophisticated methods to deceive ordinary people makes it simple to trust in the fraud companies’ bogus identity and existence.

If you are relocating your belongings through any random packing and moving company, beware, because it is extremely likely that the company you hired to move your household will evade your products and money, leaving you waiting for the rest of your life for your valued stuff to be moved.

There are numerous fraud companies operating in this sector, reaching out to the public through the internet and other forms of information access, and deceiving people by portraying themselves as an agent company or as a company affiliated in some way with the brand companies, and enticing them to use their services at low prices.

The problem becomes worse when some of the duped consumers phone a real mover whose name may have been used in fraud, accusing the legitimate mover of being involved in the fraudulent transaction despite the fact that the legal mover may be unaware of it. In some circumstances, customers simply pay the additional fee, and the scam goes unnoticed by law police or regulatory authorities.

Hence, it is crucial to be sound about how to pick the swan among the doves. Fake is all around, but the reals will always overshine them.

Tips to Identify Fake Packers and Movers

  • Check their track record or reputation on social media – In today’s digital age, it’s rare to come across a company that doesn’t have a social media presence. If the packing and moving service provider does not have a social media presence, you may fairly assume that they are either not serious about their business or are con artists! In either scenario, it is preferable for you to avoid them. A company with high-reliability testimonials on social media would be the best one to trust with your valuables while moving.
  • Verify Certificates and License – Every reputable packer and mover is qualified to meet quality and safety criteria for goods transportation. They operate with a team of qualified movers who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of consignments throughout the entire process of packing, loading, moving, unpacking, and unloading. Any company you engage to move your household, office, commercial, or industrial goods should provide you with legal paperwork certifying your registration and licence.
  • Finalize everything with paper works – It is safer to visit the moving business and complete all formalities on paper rather than hiring over the phone. Quotes, receipts, and other important papers can also be sent through email to avoid misplacing them during the relocation.
  • Avoid cash transactions – Genuine packers and movers will never demand payment in cash. The fraudsters, on the other hand, are the polar opposite! As a result, avoid dealing with your packers and movers in cash. Always pay by check or internet banking. This will assist you in keeping track of the transaction and will also serve as documentation in the event that the service provider is a fraud. A reputable house shifting service providers will offer the option of making online payments on their website.
  • Never pay more than half of the bill in advance – Fraudsters have only one goal and that is to defraud you of as much money as possible. As a result, they will demand a large advance payment. Genuine people, on the other hand, will be satisfied with a small advance payment. As a general rule, do not pay more than half of your whole bill in advance. Genuine service providers would not demand anything extra.
  • Think twice before considering unreasonable low rates – Last but not least, this tip will help you avoid relocation fraud to the best extent possible. Always be wary of those who promise an excessive number of bonuses in exchange for a complete bundle of packers and movers services at a low price. If a moving company tries to entice you with tempting offers and false promises while replying to your inquiries, be wary.

Our Mission

ITC Packers and Movers, we are a reputable name in the fields of auto relocation, bike relocation, local relocation, home relocation, packers and movers services, office relocation, and corporate and industrial relocation. With 15 years of experience in this sector and will help our clients with a variety of needs at an affordable price range, we have established ourselves in the good books of our clients.

Our goal has always been to provide coordinated cargo transportation that is both reliable and stress-free. The commodities are transported with extreme caution to ensure their safety. Our distribution network has grown as a result of our timely services.

These qualities have made us the best packers and movers in Guwahati and India. Yet, we will say as a customer, you must resolve to use your intelligence and investigation to identify phoney packers and movers. It’s a major thing if you can spot moving firms’ traps before hiring one to relocate your belongings.

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